Katherine Heigl’s sexy long brunette hairstyle

Katherine Heigl's sexy long brunette hairstyle

Katherine Heigl wearing a sexy, long brunette hairstyle while attending The 2010 ShoWest Awards featuring top film industry talent held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

Hairstyle: long, classic parted with large barreled curls/waves.

Color: Brunette, Dark Ash Brown, Blackest Brown, Brown/Black

Need a specific cut? Long hair below the shoulder preferred.

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle: I love this hairstyle not only because it is easy to do ( took us 20 minutes to replicate!) But with different colored hair you almost get 2 different looks. If this was the blonde Katherine Heigl then she would look classic,chic and sweet. but with her dark colour she is also showing a vampy side. This is one hot momma!

Words or phrases to describe this celebrity hairstyle: easy to do, versatile hairstyles, long hairstyles, vampy hairstyles, brunette hairstyles.

Love it or Hate it? LOVE IT

Products and tools to help create this celebrity hairstyle: We used a round brush and blow dryer along with a good quality, but flexible hold spray, and finished it off with a light shine spray.

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  1. She looks great with dark hair! This is a beautiful, simple style.

  2. I’m sorry I have to disagree. Blonde, in my opinion makes here look more youthful. You can see her age more. I think dark hair is her natural colour. Thought she looked great in 27 dresses. Sometimes on Grey’s she looked a little haggard.

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