Leyla Milani’s long wavy hairstyle with highlights

Leyla Milani chose a simple yet sexy hairstyle for this event! Her hair is a soft brown with blonde chunk highlights throughout. A very sexy style for her and works well with her round features! Low maintenance and very easy to do!

Leyla Milani’s long wavy hairstyle with highlights

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  1. lee lee your hair needs 911!!!!!!!

  2. Leyla’s hair is absolutely gorgeous! I am so sick of ‘stick straight’ hair – Leyla, you rock!

  3. Leyla has the best hair…although I gotta say this isn’t the best representation of it. She came out with her own hair and beauty brand: Milani Hair. I bought one of her hair extension products and it’s awesome. It’s human clip-on hair extensions that are surprisingly affordable. Way to go Leyla! :)

  4. this girl looks scary, her hair is frizzy and looks fried. plus her eyecolor is weird! i think she is wearing eye contacts

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