Lily Allen’s long brunette hairstyle with bangs

Lily Allen is wearing her hair in a simple long hairstyle while with her band-mates going for lunch Notting Hill London UK during recording studio break.

I love that she has the darker hair now because the blonde just did not fit her (the blonde and pink I should say) but even now she could do soo much more with her hair to give her a great long hairstyle! It’s almost a shame wasting that gorgeous hair and leaving it look so unkempt!

Long hairstyles can be a variety of “looks” messy, sexy, sleek, and romantic hairstyles to name a few. Its all about how you keep your hair healthy and how well it is styled. Long hair can simply be styled in a easy to do ponytail or for the more talented a high updo. Its all up to you! Also try sleeping with a satin pillowcase at night as it is supposed to help keep the tangles away while sleeping! Another nice tip and trick is YOU DON’T HAVE TO WASH IT DAILY!  More often it is easier to style when it has had a a couple of days without washing!

However you like your hair long, short, straight or wavy don’t be afraid to rock your hair and let it reflect your personal style!

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  1. I love Lily Allen, she always has such great style.

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