Minnie Driver’s messy curly hairstyle

Minnie Driver’s messy curly hairstyle

Minnie Driver wearing her hair in a messy curly hairstyle while attending ‘Vanity Fair Portraits – Photographs 1913-2008′ Gala at the LACMA, Los Angeles, California.

Minnie Driver’s hair is naturally curly so to see her hair this messy is sort of a disappointment as you would think she would know by now how to care for it! It also isn’t a surprise considering this gorgeous actress also just recently became a mother, and well regardless everyone slacks with their hair sometime right?

A  great tip for taking care of curls whether natural or done by a professional. 

Hydrate your hair! Often curls are thirsting for hydration which makes them appear dry, brittle and frizzy.  Perform a bi-weekly or at the least, monthly home deep conditioning treatment. Look for the tubs of conditioners and hair masks, they should have the consistency of butter cream. Use after shampooing and apply thickly. Pile if you can on top of your head and use a shower cap. Take a warm towel out of the dryer and wrap around your hair. Keep on for 30 minutes to an hour and rinse with warm water.

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