Nikki Reed’s half up half down hairstyle

Nikki Reed's half up half down hairstyle

Nikki Reed wearing a half up half down hairstyle while attending the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards at The Highlands in Hollywood and California.

Half up Half Down hairstyle tips and tricks

You can fashion a half up half down hairstyle at many different hair lengths

Decide if you want the sides up, just most of the top, and if you have bangs you need to decide if you want them Down, or if you want to try and style them in with the rest of your hair (of course using some trickery of sorts depending how long they are, pomade, bobby pins, or try styling damp and spraying with a good holding spray
while damp.

Decide if you want your hair to be fastened high or low, using a hair clip,or a hair band. Normally when you use a band you will end up with a half of a “ponytail” I usually depending on the length of my hair at the time, will curl it, leave it or braid it.

For tight sleek looks style hair when damp/wet

For looser,messy looks style when hair is dry

Loose hairs that you just cant seem to keep up? Don’t worry! Just curl them or wrap around your finger and lightly spray with hair spray, or twisting also works well. If all else fails just try smoothing them down any way possible, a half up half down hairstyle never has to be perfect!

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