Olivia Wilde’s simple long hairstyle

oliva wilde long straight sleek hairstyle

Olivia Wilde wearing a simple sleek long hairstyle while attending the 2010 Fox All Star Party at Sorisso.

Hairstyle: Long, simple yet sexy

Color: Brunette, Dark brown, Dark Ash Brown, Chocolate Brown

Need a specific cut? Long hair preferred but the general concept you can use various lengths.

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle: Olivia is wearing this for a party event and this really caught my eye because of that. She managed to pair such a simple, yet sexy hairstyle and used it for a more upscale event. This just goes to show even the simplest of hairstyles can be used for any occasion if styled well and paired well with attire and overall look. I managed to complete this hairstyle on myself (long, thick straight hair) in 15 minutes with my ceramic plated flat iron, light conditioning and shine serum followed by a light hold finishing spray. In the Boardroom, the grocery store or a wedding you can easily style this hairstyle within minutes !

Words or phrases to describe this celebrity hairstyle: Long hairstyles, Easy to do hairstyle, Simple hairstyles

Love it or Hate it? LOVE IT

Products and tools to help create this celebrity hairstyle: I was able toc reate this hairstyle within 15 minutes by using a ceramic plated flat iron, my favorite shine and conditioning spray/serum and a light hold/finishing spray, with long thick straight hair.

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  1. Wow! Olivia looks perfect! I’d love to wear my hair like this.

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