Paula Abdul’s long layered curly hairstyle with bangs

Paula Abdul's long layered curly hairstyle with bangs

Paula Abdul wearing a long layered curly hairstyle while attending the 2010 American Idol Finale press room at the Nokia Live in Los Angeles, California.

Hairstyle: Long, curly layered with bangs

Color: Brunette

Need a specific cut? Long hair or shoulder length preferred to get this SPECIFIC look, however the style in general you can do with many hair lengths.

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle: Very easy to do plus versatile, hair looks very healthy  and the layered add a great textured look. Love the bangs!

Words or phrases to describe this celebrity hairstyle: Long curly hairstyle, long layered curly hairstyle, layered hairstyle, hairstyle with bangs

Love it or Hate it? LOVE IT

Products and tools to help create this celebrity hairstyle:Round brush and blow dryer, or brush barreled curling iron.

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