Rachel Lefevre’s long naturally curly hairstyle

Rachelle Lefevre wearing a long curly hairstyle at the film premiere for ‘Push’ at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood, California.

People with natural curls are lucky, and unlucky as curly hair takes allot of maintenance, but to achieve such beautiful curls without the naturally curly hair is a task all in itself but you can do it by using rollers, curling irons or perms.

Hair Tips: While Rachel Lefevre’s hair is naturally curly you too can achieve a similar effect by a good quality perm.  When perming your hair, stick to the professionals! While there are many kits to do at home this takes time, and expertise that you most likely don’t have when it comes to hair. Bring photos of a type of curl you would like so the stylist can try the best to meet your needs.  Also keep in mind after you receive a perm it is best not to wash for 2-3 days after perming. I cannot stress enough how to NOT use curling irons , rollers, hair brush or blow dryer. These things can stress the curl and cause them quickly to lose their resilience.  Once you have the desired curls whether by perm or rollers you can achieve an array of curly hairstyles that have both a romantic and sexy feel.

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