Rachel Weisz has a bad hair day!

rachel-weisz-bad-hair-day-09Rachel Weisz is clearly having a bad hair day while attending Film Independent’s 2009 Spirit Awards, Santa Monica Beach, Santa Monica, California.

Top reasons this is a bad hair day:

#1 – Humidity is clearly not being kind to Rachel Weisz and her hair! She should have opted for a ponytail hairstyle to keep hair away from face and sticking due to humidity.

#2 – BRUSH! What ever happened to carrying a small brush or comb in your purse! Rachel Weisz could have helped this tress mess even with a little brushing after arriving and taking photos!

#3 – PART! Part your hair wisely, Rachel Weisz has a very hap hazard part in her hair that looks about to flip the other way at any time, parting the hair is optimal for many hairstyles, and a messy bad looking party makes a messy bad looking hairstyle!

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