Rose Byrne’s sexy sultry long hairstyle with curls

Rose Byrne wearing a sexy long hairstyle with curls at the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards held in Santa Monica.

Hairstyle: Gorgeous body only in the lengths. Hair is rolled up to ear height on curlers or rolled diagonally with napkins or fabric (tie the ends) dry hair gently, comb out with a wide-toothed comb.

Hair Tips: For more body in your hairstyle blow-dry against the direction of its growth creates volume for long and short hair. Let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer. Bend over, be sure to point the air flow away from the hair roots and use fingers to move hair back and forth opposite to the direction of growth.  Use volume building products like shampoos, sprays, lotions and treatments that add volume surround the hair with a stabilizing film making it stronger and increasing the distance between the individual hairs.

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