Rosie Perez’s long layered hairstyle

rosie-perez-long-layered-hairstyle-09Rosie Perez is wearing her hair ion a lovely long layered hairstyle with large supple ringlets and waves while attending the 2009 Independent Spirit Awards in Malibu.

Hairstyle: long layers and supple thick waves and ringlets make up this celebrity hairstyle!

Color: Dark Ash brown, Brown Black, Almost Black, Blackest Brown

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
Use a large round brush and blow dryer to achieve the long supple ringlets and waves that make up this long layered hairstyle. If you dont have this cut already or are thinking about layers visit your nearest quality salon with this photo and let them go to work! Layers are great as they add much needed texture and volume to normally drab hair!

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