Rumer Willis’ red, wavy hairstyle

Rumer Willis dazzled with her vibrant scarlet tresses while lunching with friends at the Urth Cafe in Los Angeles. Keeping it casual, Rumer Willis left her hair down to show off her gorgeous color, soft layers and textured waves.

Rumer Willis’ rich red hair complimented her flawless, pale complexion.

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  1. oh, katherine malsfiend! joy!”What can you do if you are thirty and, turning the corner of your own street, you are overcome, suddenly by a feeling of bliss — absolute bliss! — as though you’d suddenly swallowed a bright piece of that late afternoon sun and it burned in your bosom, sending out a little shower of sparks into every particle, into every finger and toe? . . . Oh, is there no way you can express it without being “drunk and disorderly”? How idiotic civilisation is! Why be given a body if you have to keep it shut up in a case like a rare, rare fiddle? ” — Bliss

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