Sarah Jessica Parker’s long wavy hairstyle

Sarah Jessica Parker can really do more with her hair! In this photo she is sporting a basic long, wavy hairstyle. This style, while versatile, can easily look washed out or messy — so it’s crucial to get it right.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s long wavy hairstyle

Some basic style pointers:

Take care of your roots! There are many touch-up kits on the market.

Use a good styling product! There are various sculpting products, and shine products that not only give your hair great gloss, but help keep the fly-away and random hairs from sticking out while making you look good too.

A good part is always a plus! Play with sectioning your hair, part it in the middle, on the side, zig zag it — for styling, anything goes when it comes to parting your hair and just plain down the middle can be really boring!

Know your outfit! Sarah Jessica Parker looks great when you look at how her hair and her outfit work together, because both are casual and cute! Her outfit is very versatile for any hairstyle updos — even ponytail hairstyles!

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  1. I actually like her hair, and how since her Sex & the City days – she would let her roots grow out. It’s a trend that helps those of us who don’t color our hair as often as we should.

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