Selena Gomez’s funky flirty long hairstyle

Selena Gomez’s funky flirty long hairstyle

Cutie and star of the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place” Selena Gomez is wearing her hair in a simple fun and flirty long brunette hairstyle with red hair extensions to add a little flash. This hairstyle is cute, fun and flirty for the tween and teen crowd yet able to please the more adult crowd along with it. Selena Gomez’s hair is a very thick, dark brunette and you can easily see the color differences in the photo which also could mean another set of hair extensions or a hair color she might have tried out.

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  1. twilightadict210

    Where can I get hair colored extensions like those?

  2. You can find extensions like those in many different colors available at some beauty Supply stores, Ulta Cosmetics, and also some places like Claire’s, Icing and some salons. Most are just easily clipped into the hair. We picked a pair up for my daughter at claire’s for 6$. Goodluck!

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