Selena Gomez’s long layered hairstyle

Selena Gomez’s long layered hairstyle

Selena Gomez is wearing her gorgeous thick brunette hair in a simple long layered hairstyle, while attending Intermix’s exclusive VIP party to benefit VH1′s save the music foundation at Intermix, Beverly Hills, California in 2008. This hairstyle is cute, simple and the layers give a little bit of flair, a great hairstyle for anyone with thicker hair with all the layers that help lighten up the weight of the thick locks.

Hairstyle Tip:  Avoid using hair products with high alcohol content which can dry out and damage hair.

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  1. Oh BABE do i im gettin my hair cut like it so… grrrl keep up the good work!!!!! love ya bye bye for now.

  2. any of selena gomez’s hair styles are beautiful

  3. wow she is very gorgeous. Who said she wasnt haha well thanks so much ily all peace!

  4. twilightadict210

    How will I explain this style to the hairstylist?

  5. i LOVE this hair, i’m getting it done this weekend. my only question is how much this style needs to be done to it every morning. i dont have THAT much time to do stuff to my hair, and i’m used to not even needing to blow dry…soooo?

  6. i love her style its awesome!

  7. i love your hairstyle, and im going to be getting m y hair cut. my hai ris to short though to make it look like urs! what should i do?

  8. I am going to get my hair cut today. Its going to look just like selena gomez’s. Thx. =)

  9. Selena i love your hair. i wish i could get it done like yours iv been looking for that style heir cut for years and every one i go to has no clue what i’m talking about. so where on earth do you get your hair done, or better yet can you tell me so i could do it my self?

  10. selena i have always wanted my hair like yours but every time i go somewhere the people never know what im talking about.

  11. totally hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Selena Gomez #1 Fan Forever and always

    hey Selena! i cut my hair like urs! all i said was “can i please get my hair laired into 4 lairs”
    my hair stylist said sure! She cut it into lairs and to make is look like selena i iorn it

  13. This for half the people out there wondering how to ask for this hair cut , First of you could print out the picture and that hairdresser will easily copy , or explain how you want it.
    It simply just looks like , long straight hair with layers , and part of the top layers tied or clipped with bobbi pins at the back , so pretty much get the hair dresser to give you layers??? its that easy , if your hairs short buy extensions , if its curly get it perm straight , simple done goodbye! <3

  14. ohhhh!what a pretty hairstyle.i love it…

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