Shakira’s long spiral wave hairstyle

Shakira's long spiral wave hairstyle

Shakira wearing a long spiral wave hairstyle while attending ‘The Concert For The Children’ in Buenos Aires. Colombian singer Shakira’s ALAS foundation, Latin America in Solidarity Action, hosts two simultaneous concerts in Mexico and Argentina to raise awareness to help the neediest kids in Latin America.

Hairstyle: Long beachy almost with a spiral wave/perm

Color: Golden Blonde, Pale Golden Blonde, Butterscotch Blonde

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Long gorgeous hair, beachy waves what’s not to love?

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
There are a few ways you can achieve the waves that Shakira wears for this hairstyle. #1. Go to your nearest quality salon and have them apply a spiral wave or perm ( I highly recommend printing out this photo so they understand exactly the wave you are trying to achieve!). #2. Simply braid your hair, its not exactly spiral but can provide long beachy waves without a damaging perm or hot iron! Simply braid and let set overnight on damp hair (towel dryed, or even spritzed with water to make damp). . There are also a number of curling irons, flat irons and “crimping” irons that can also achieve a spiral look!

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