Shakira’s sexy long hairstyle!

Shakira's sexy long hairstyle!

Shakira wearing a sexy long hairstyle while at the celebration party for her Rolling Stone cover and album launch in New York.
The way this hairstyle takes shape is actually not as difficult as you would think!. You can easily do this hairstyle, and similar versions with something as simple as a flat iron!

Start out with damp, or dry hair your choice! I prefer damp hair but not soaking wet! If you are starting with dry hair even just a simple spritzing of water throughout the hair, or on the strand is damp enough. However it is not required!.

Detangle and comb through hair and part where desired. If you are working with hair all one length it is always helpful to use a side part to keep strands as much out of the eyes as possible.

This is where it can get tedious. While this hairstyle is in fact easy to do, it can take some time!

After you have detangled your hair and combed it through. You will start with sections. I like to start from the back just because it is the most difficult when working alone and can often get neglected when styling.

Take a section of hair, no thicker than your finger and twist, twist twist! Yes you are twisting your hair!

Hold the twist lock with one hand, I always tightly twist, but this is entirely dependant on you.
If you want at this time you can also take the time and see how thick you want the strands, and if you want them thicker or thinner. Almost like a “strand test” you can also twist the hair loosely, or tightly to see how the hair turns out and get the effect you desire.

After Twisting the strand you will hold it with one hand and keep in the twist! Next take your flat iron and put the strand between, without letting it untwist or letting go of the very end. Remember we want to keep it twisted! Squeeze down on the flat iron and run it slowly (no you don’t have to go snail slow!) over the strand. I have extremely resilient hair so I can run it in a up and down motion once or twice over my hair and it turns out perfectly, However be careful as with any heat products and many other things this can indeed damage your hair, and you do not want to keep the iron over it too long!

After you run the flat iron over the strand, let go and let loose and you should now have your first piece of twisted hair! As you do more and more you get the hang of it and it can be pretty quick depending on the length and thickness of your hair. if you have thinner hair this also adds thickness to it!

Finish all the strands and you have a simple sexy hairstyle just like Shakira!

Shakira's sexy long hairstyle!

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  1. think her hair is gross.
    think she is georgous

  2. This style is fun and sexy, two notes regarding how to’s. It’s best not to use a flat iron on damp hair as it melts the cuticle and if your hair is highly-processed tight twisting can result in breakage. Moving a flat iron up and down the strands will ruffle and damage the cuticle. I have allover platinum and am very cautious with my clients that have highly-processed hair so I thought I ought to pass this along. P.S. Thermal protectant is a must!!! Have fun ladies, you’ll get a million compliments.

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