Taylor Swift’s lovely long hairstyle

Taylor Swift's lovely long hairstyle

Taylor Swift wearing a long beautiful curly hairstyle while attending a photoshoot in London.

Hairstyle: Long, blonde and beautifully curly

Color: Pale Golden Blonde, Blonde, Platinum Blonde, Wheat Blonde, Light Ash Blonde

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Taylor Swift rocks the beautiful long locks and soft curls like no other!

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
I highly suggest going to your nearest quality salon to get an estimate on your hair, print out a photo to show them exactly what type of curls you are trying to achieve! If price is a issue at all for you with today’s economy, try seeking out a local beauty school, they often offer services for 50 to 75% off of what you would get at a regular salon! The only catch is that a professional oversees the student (and checks on their progress/makes sure everything is right how you want it!) Check out our Curly Hairstyles section for dozens of ideas!

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