Top 10 celebrity hairstyles of 2008 – Celebs who like to leave it long!

In 2008 we saw alot of celebrities rocking the lustrous long locks at many events! Tyra Banks loves her long hair and we do too! Gorgeous long tresses and long hairstyles in general can be difficult or alot of work to maintain but well worth it!

Nicole Kidman is another beautiful celebrity who has worn many long hairstyles this year! Long hairstyles are sexy, sleek and beautiful when done right. Long hairstyles are great for sexy hairstyles, as we have seen all year many women also sporting them at elegant events, clubs, and general outings.

Long hair offer different hairstyle options and gives a definition to the face. Long hair is extremely fragile and needs intensive care in form of shampooing, conditioning, styling, and coloring . It works on any occasions on any faces. Before going for a style it is important to choose one that goes with ones personality, lifestyle, shape, texture, hair density, and skin tone.

Ashley Greene is also sporting a gorgeous long hairstyle at the premiere of “Twilight”

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  1. i think that u should tell how to do the hair styles!!!

  2. Tyra always has style

  3. Love these!! Awesome hairstyles!

  4. beautiful celebrities with fabulous hairstyles! i really love all these hairstyles, particularly long hair with curls.


  1. Long Hair Passion » Blog Archive » Top 10 celebrity long hair styles of 2008
  2. Long Hair Passion » Blog Archive » Top 10 celebrity long hair styles of 2008

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