Vanessa Hudgens messy long curly hairstyle with bangs

Vanessa Hudgens messy long curly hairstyle with bangs

Vanessa Hudgens is wearing her hair in a long messy curly hairstyle with bangs while attending a press conference in Mexico City for ‘High School Musical 3′.

This hairstyle could be very cute, maybe even sexy and chic! However Vanessa Hudgens hair appears to be very messy, allot of fly-away hairs and frizzy which is usually a sign of some damage or dry hair. With a good hair care product help the dry hair (leave in condtioner, even a type of “shine” product to work into the hair) plus a mouse, spray or gel worked in while her hair is damp or just being styled could really help from having such a messy hairstyle! Overall we love the bangs, and just the fact that she kept it long and SIMPLE but the curls could have been done much better!

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  2. i think its cute for school myself unlike isela who thinks her haiir is better yeah right hers is probably ratted and she probably siad that cauz vannessa is pretty and isela is jelous!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya vanessa

  3. lmbo that hairstyle is UGLY what in the hell was she thinking when she got that!!!

  4. i love this hairstyle its cute
    isela your just jealous of vanessa she is so pretty she’s my idol i love you vanessa

  5. Isela said “MI” I wonder what that means…..hmmm. She needs glasses too I think! Anyways, I really like this. I came across is looking for pics of long curly hair with shorter straight bangs. I think I’m gonna cut myself some bangs after seeing this picture. SHE LOOKS AWESOME ISELA QUIT HATEN!

  6. Love the bangs, and the long hair, the ends could be cleaned up.

  7. i love her she is sooo talented and she have an awsome hair cut :] and imma a big fan of high school musical

  8. I think the hairstle is very cute im going to the shop to get this in my head tomarow hopefully it looks very cute as hers and the ones who dont think its cute dont levae a comment keep it to your self gudday!

  9. i love vanessa’s’s so fashionable…

    she looks so gorgeous…

  10. i love this hair style and its not a big deal she doesn’t have perfect hair i mean its reality im gonna get this style REALLY soon :)

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