Agyness Deyn Messy short blonde hairstyle

Agyness Deyn Messy short blonde hairstyle

Agyness Deyn wearing her hair in a messy short blonde hairstyle while at at the opening party for Mobile Art: Chanel Contemporary Art Container in Central Park, New York City.

There is only so long, and so many times the trashy, sloppy look and hairstyle can really work for you. Agyness Deyn desperately needs a new hairstyle, and to try and avoid pictures when her eyes are so bloodshot that we have to ask ourselves “what was she really doing with that hair spray while trying to make her hair fly out like she just had a romp in the broom closet” ok so she could have right? I would love to see this girl in something slightly longer, a sleeker more chic bob even!

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