Arielle Kebbel’s short blonde hairstyle

Arielle Kebbel looks adorable in this short blonde hairstyle at the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Launch Party held in 2003. Arielle Kebbel’s hairstyle is simple, manageable and looks great with her round facial features!

Arielle Kebbel’s short blonde hairstyle

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  1. It’s an adorable hairstyle, but you need small features like she has to wear hair that short. Most of us would wind up looking like a man.

  2. This is a ugly hairsyle.

  3. I agreee with MK up above. It’s cute – but on her – because she has a cute face. I’ve tried to pull off that short of a hairstyle, and I looked re-dic.

  4. I agree Its really cute, but with her small face and her round cheeks its such a toss up with hairstyles on what will work with each face shape. She has that narrow small chin the round cheeks which always stand out with her, but her general features are small.

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