Celebrity Pixie Hairstyles — Who wears it better?


Inspired by Emma Watson’s new pixie hairstyle, we are looking back at other young actresses who have taken the pixie plunge recently. Mia Wasikowska sported long blonde locks when she played Joni in The Kids Are All Right and starred in Alice in Wonderland. At the premieres for both movies, Mia Wasikowska then walked the red carpet in this playful blonde pixie.


Carey Mulligan could be Mia Wasikowsa’s twin with her blonde pixie. In An Education, Carey Mulligan sported long brunette hair with red undertones then attended the premiere with a pixie of the same color. Several months later, Carey Mulligan showed off her new blonde pixie. The pixie plunge seems to be all the rage among young, talented actresses, perhaps so they don’t get pigeonholed. The latest is Emma Watson, so who’s next? Our bet is Kristen Stewart after the Twilight films!

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