Cyndi Lauper’s bright red short and sassy layered hairstyle

Cyndi Lauper's bright red short and sassy layered hairstyle

Cyndi Lauper wearing a short layered hairstyle and rocking a bright 2 toned red hair color (LOVE IT) as well while attending the 2010 Joyful Heart Foundation Gala at Skylight Studios in NYC. This hairstyle is becoming increasingly more popular not only with the teens and their “Emo, Goth, Scene” crowds but its also in the various others crowds as well being a versatile hairstyle, its edgy but chic, easy to style, and can add a much needed change to your usual drab hairstyle. Add highlights or bright colors to make it stand out, or keep it solid for a more chic feel. Either way you simply cannot lose with this hairstyle, the styling times and the versatility it offers. While I categorize this as a short hairstyle it is also long in a since like a “long bob” hairstyle and almost shoulder length but not quite. I also like this because if your looking to change your hairstyle, and want to go short, a cut like this still leaves you options and doesn’t make you feel like you completely hacked everything off…just a little :)

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  1. I do love the cut but, definately NOT the color.

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