Halle Berry’s short and sassy hairstyle!

Halle Berry's short and sassy hairstyle!

Halle Berry wearing a short and sassy hairstyle while attending The DKMS 4th Annual Gala In NYC. Short hairstyles while they can be a dramatic change as far as hair length goes, it can also dramatically change your looks, style and cut your styling time at least by half or more! Short hairstyles are great for anyone wanting a change from normal long locks. Short hairstyles can be fun, sexy, sassy, and chic, they are fairly easy to do and there is such minimal worry if at all about how to style for what occasion. You can get up and go, or work some mousse, gel or sculpting wax to create sexy, sassy styles and looks. Even the most simplest change can be just perfect for a short hairstyle. BUT this is where is gets better, YOU CAN JUST LEAVE IT BE! Wake up, work a little mousse into the hair, or dampen fingers and quickly style, spray and you are on your way to a easy hairstyle, no fuss, and not having to worry if a hair is out of place, or if you lost a pin or barrette!

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