Jaime Pressly’s short bob hairstyle

Jaime Pressly wearing a short bob hairstyle while attending The “I Love You Man” Premiere held at Mann Village Theater, Los Angeles.

Hairstyle: short bob, sleek hairstyle that falls just below the ears

Color: Blonde, similar colors to achieve are: golden blonde, light blonde, ash blonde, light ash blonde, honey blonde.

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
The great thing about short bob hairstyles is not only the versatility but how easy it is to just style and go. Wear this hairstyle at events such as weddings, proms, and elegant occasions, plus the versatility to use as every day wear. Now most think the hairstyle stops here at just being sleek and short, however there are many many ways to style your hair when you have a short bob cut. Curls and waves add texture and flair. Sculpting products can also add more to your hairstyle, different partings in the middle, left or right side partings. You can also pin your bangs or front strands back, if your bob is all one length, try mixing it up by having bangs cut in. The possibilities are indeed endless with the bob cut and hairstyle.

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  1. Love it ! She looks better than ever. Saw her the other day on TV with this new cut, and am trying to find more pictures of her with it to take to my stylist.


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