Katherine McPhee’s short blonde hairstyle

Katherine McPhee's short blonde hairstyle

Katherine McPhee is wearing a short blonde hairstyle while attending an event at Macy’s

Hairstyle: short chic hairstyle

Color: Blonde, Ash Blonde, Platinum Blonde

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
While this is a drastic color and hair change for Katherine McPhee it looks wonderful on her! This hairstyle is short, chic and very easy to manage! I highly recommend if you are thinking about a style such as this to browse our short hairstyle section, print out your desired hairstyle and take it to your nearest quality salon!

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  1. Oh no…why did she do this? She had the most beautiful long brown locks. bad move

  2. This is adorable! Jut saw her on local Fox TV news channel – - didn’t realize who she was at first, but initial thought was “what a great haircut”!

  3. I don’t really like it. It makes her look posh, but with her other hairstyle, it made her look innocent and sweet. This sorta looks like a Lady Gaga impersonation

  4. This style is as great as simple.
    It is really easy to manage and looks good on her. I think all the lengths is good for her whatever it is long or short. This style changed her look dramatically, but it was not a wrong decision. If I was her I would try this style in her natural color.

  5. I agree I think it would look fabulous in her natural color. To me it seems too much like she was trying to change herself with her hairstyle. Love the hairstyle though!

  6. I think this color makes her look washed out. Her natural color makes her features pop. She is a beautiful woman!! Probably was good career move to keep people talking about her.

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