Lucy Liu’s shoulder length flipped out hairstyle!

Lucy Liu’s sexy shoulder length flipped out hairstyle!

This hairstyle is cut slightly above the shoulder but can also be styled for anyone with shoulder length or shorter hair. Lucy Liu is attending the The 2006 Women’s World Awards in this photo wearing her hair in a just above the shoulder length flipped hairstyle. Flipping your hair adds flair and versatility to shoulder length and short hair which looks great and gives a fun and flirty hairstyle for just about any occasion!

An easy – to way to flipping your hair out is simply either damp out of the shower, or spritzing the lower end of your hair. using a round brush and a blow dryer you brush the hair outwards while blow-drying paying mind to stop for a few seconds at the end giving the blow-dryer a few to help set in the flip even more! Other ways are by using a curling iron, or hair straightener. Spraying your hair from underneath with your choice of hair-holding products (not the top so you don’t weight it down!) helps.

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