Milla Jovovich’s short headband hairstyle

Milla Jovovich wearing a short headband hairstyle at Bravo’s A-List Awards held at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, CA.

Hairstyle: Headband hairstyle, allowing the illusion of shorter hair, when using a headband and pinning the hair under giving the illusion of much shorter hair.

Color: Ash brown, Light Ash brown, Dark Ash brown – remember when colouring to always go a shade darker than what you desire as the color will indeed lighten after a few washes/few weeks.

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
Wear this short celebrity hairstyle that Milla Jovovich is wearing to elegant events, galas and casual events as well. Makes a great prom hairstyle, wedding hairstyle or a casual hairstyle. Pair with tops and dresses or gowns with thin straps.

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
Thin or Thick headband your choice or use a headband that accentuates your look. Use hair pins that closely resemble your hair color or shade, with coated tips to avoid hair snagging and breakage. Any length of hair will do since you are creating the illusion of a short hairstyle without cutting your long locks! This hairstyle can be seen on celebrities such as Eva Longoria . Play around with the hairstyle, curl and pin long locks under, or fasten a few discreetly onto the headband for extra hold.

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