Rihanna’s short hairstyle with blonde highlights

Rihanna's short hairstyle with blonde highlights

Rihanna wearing a short hairstyle with bright golden blonde/butterscotch highlights while out and about in NYC.

Hairstyle: Short hairstyle, layered mainly short on the sides and back with a long layered top for dramatic effect.

Color: Black with Butterscotch/golden blonde highlights.

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
It is always nice to see some color in a hairstyle and this color really brightens up her hair and gives it a fresher, funkier new look to it! If this hairstyle is for you, the cut especially I highly recommend checking out our Rihanna Hairstyles section or Short Hairstyles section to find a cut and style that suits you, and take it to your nearest quality salon! Short hairstyles like this are usually pretty basic with what you can essentially do with it style wise but a great change for anyone wanting shorter hair but still a young and edgy look! I have seen styles and colors like this on many people even as old as 60 ( last time I had my hair done there was a woman with a similar cut, she was a stylist and 60 years old but she had turquoise highlights in her hair!)! Essentially this is a very easy to do hairstyle and cut, you can also spice it up with color changes. Hot Topic sells a variety of hair colors as do many beauty supply stores that can be permanently put in, or simply washed out so you can change the look as you wish!

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