Zoe Saldana’s elegant shoulder length hairstyle!

Zoe Saldana's elegant shoulder length hairstyle!

Zoe Saldana attending The world premiere of ‘Avatar’ in Odeon Leicester Square, London.

Hairstyle: Elegant shoulder length hairstyle

Color: Black, Coal, Brown Black

Need a specific cut? Shoulder length cut

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle: Who doesn’t love a easy to do hairstyle and cut? Shoulder length cuts, are perfect for anyone who does not want the drastic change of a short crop, but does not want the maintenance and time it takes to style longer hair. This is exactly where the shoulder length cut and hairstyle come in. While it is easy to maintain, and style like shorter cuts are, you still have the flexibility as if you had longer hair! There are many different ways to style a shoulder length hairstyle. Zoe Saldana’s can easily be done with a flat iron, or a round brush/blow dryer combo to give the hair a sleek straight look but a neat slight wave and flip in the lower sections.

Words or phrases to describe this celebrity hairstyle: Shoulder length hairstyles, elegant hairstyles, easy to do hairstyles

Love it or Hate it? LOVE IT!

Products and tools to help create this celebrity hairstyle: Ceramic Plated Flat Iron, shine spray or serum (use sparingly), round brush and blow dryer.

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