Anne Hathaway’s shoulder length layered wavy hairstyle

Anne Hathaway wearing a chic shoulder length layered wavy hairstyle while at the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

This hairstyle looks great on Anne Hathaway and is very easy to do!

Anne Hathaway’s hair is shoulder length with subtle layers. To achieve this look while still damp add a volumizing lotion and work into your hair before blow drying and do so with the hair upside down to help provoke volume. Depending if you want subtle waves you can at this point scrunch your hair while blow dying adding your preferred hold product for your hair, or for more dramatic obvious waves you can spray lightly 2 sections with a medium hold spray and then wave iron all throughout. When finished apply a final spray for hold. This hairstyle can be worn for almost any occasion and still works well as a casual or elegant hairstyle which ever you prefer.

Similar colors to achieve : Anne Hathaway’s hair color really compliments her eyes and skin tone. Try Chestnut, Light Ash Brown or Golden brown.

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