Bai Ling’s shoulder length hairstyle

Bai Ling's shoulder length hairstyle

Bai Ling is wearing her hair in a simple shoulder length hairstyle while attending Blackberry Storm Launch Party with AnnaLynne McCord, Juliette Lewis and Bai Ling – held at Avalon in Hollywood.

sexy and simple sleek shoulder length hairstyle with spiral curls

Color: Black, Almost Black, Soft Black, Coal

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:

Its chic and very easy to do! The bangs and hair in general frame the face, best suited for those with small features and narrow/small face.

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
You can use a flat iron to both make the strands above the ear keep sleek and straight, plus you can also make the spiral curls with the flat iron as well! Top wioth a quality holding spray and shine spray.

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