Emma Watson’s shoulder length layered hairstyle

Emma Watson is wearing her hair in a lovely layered shoulder length hairstyle while attending the premiere of ‘The Tales of Despereaux’ in Hollywood, California. She plays the princess in this animated tale and loved the story as soon as she read the script. Emma looked cute in a blue dress and high heels and enjoyed herself walking down the red carpet.

Hairstyle and Color – This shoulder length layered hairstyle on Emma Watson is not only beautiful but it suits her extremely well! Shoulder length hairstyles are perfect for people not wanting to commit to the maintenance of longer hair but also don’t want to go to the extreme of cutting it very short. Layered hairstyles also today are becoming extremely popular. Many layered hairstyles are popping up on celebrities all over. Layered hairstyles help bring texture to much needed straight, thick, thin and fine hair. Emma Watson in the hairstyle above has really taken on a older and chic look with the gorgeous large curls, layers and tucking the strands behind her ears to keep hair out of her face and show off her beautiful features. Emma Watson’s hair is a beautiful golden brown in color. Similar colors to achieve – Light Golden Brown, Light Ash Brown, Medium Ash brown and Light Beige Blonde.

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  1. Love the hair, but that POSTURE! Stand up straight, please!

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