Halle Berry’s straight shoulder length hairstyle

Halle Berry showed off her curvy new figure and straight shoulder-length hairstyle at the 2008 Jenesse Silver Rose Weekend. Halle Berry looks sexy — but so does the hairstyle. The straight hair and layers really make this look, sleek, sexy and very versatile.

Halle Berry’s straight shoulder length hairstyle

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  1. laRayne deFranco

    Not good for her. She looks much better in very short hair because it defines her face better. I think this hairstyle takes away from her natural beauty.

  2. no halle this not you.


  4. make her looks old!

  5. short hair is better

  6. This hairstyle does nothing to accenuate Halle Berry’s natural beauty. Short styles fit her better. The long hair makes her look like every other black, want to be white, sister.

  7. I am glad alot of other people feel the same about Halle Berry looks much better with short styles. She look like the average Hollywood actors. The long and the boring.

  8. Halle is a beautiful mix of black and white, While, Beyonce and all the others look foolish wearing european hair weaves…Halle is absolutely radiant with both short and long styles and looks she natural. MIXED RACE GIRLS RULES!!! Black women have ruined beauty trends with hair weaves. so much so that us women with naturally long hair, are accused of wearing hair weaves and extentions. black hair comes in all textures and lengths and no we all don’t have indian or white in our families….stop hatin’!

  9. We are not taking about Beyonce and all the others. The question was about Halle and yes she beautifull no matter what length her hair is so who is hatin. Just somone opinion regarding with lenght of hair bring out more beauty in Halle and it is the short hair. Long hair make her look like the rest of the weave queen of Hollywood. Short hair set her apart from the Hollywood weave queen. I hate the weave thing just not natural looking.

    MIXED RACE GIRLS RULES what – NOT A THING! Hair don’t make a person.

  10. this is not her. Short hair look good on her.

  11. I do believe that the short hair looks much better. However the long does make her look elegant versus sexy in the short cuts. I do agree that Beyonce and the others with all the extensions does look a little too over the top. I use to shave my head and now that I’ve let it grow long people do think that I am wearing a weave. Halle, you look beautiful either way.

  12. To my she looks very Motherly with that hair…like a celeb mom. Maybe it’s the dress. I’m trying to stay focused on the hair then i see big straps and breasts. I love short cuts on women…(coming from a woman). She looks good for almost 42 but short hair would do even more for her look.

  13. I am a whitehaired senior citizen and I gets loads of comments about my natural hair, even though a lot of black women thinks I have dyed it. Why at 67. The point being, some people wear hair styles different and better and Halley’s short is better, more elegant. I really wish that some women, especially order would cut down on the long weaves

  14. I do think Halle’s hair is beautiful short like in the 007 movie but everyone wants a change every now and then. She’s beautiful with all of her hairstyles, some more becoming than others, but beautiful all the same. She is half white so to say she looks like all the other “black, wanna be white, sisters is ridiculous. She doesn’t have to wanna be white, she is white partially. Also, every black female with weave or long hair doesn’t want to be white. I have long weave and I don’t want to be white. I’m proud to be black and have never even dated a white man so it’s ignorant to stereotype black women that way. I have had my hair as short as Halle Berry’s and down to my butt and I am proud to be black with either length. Do your thing Halle, change your hair to please yourself and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Our opinions of your hair have nothing to do with whether you are a good mother or successful in your career.

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