Lily Allen goes pink.

Lily Allen decided to show off a pink hairstyle with a bow while attending the Glamour Women of the Year awards. The pink hair complete with dress showing Bambi with its throat slit all over is enough to put her as having a very bad hair (and wardrobe) day. 

Lily Allen goes pink.

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  1. Hah! “Bad hair day” should be a term relegated to people who made a poor fashion decision *accidentally*…she knows how she looks.

  2. well i can see this look is a bit over the top- but i have to give it to her, its pretty abstract and definetly original. kind of the funky retro look she often pulls off.

  3. Her hair is horrible and was so much cuter before. And the top/dress whatever it is is really ugly. gross. she can pull of the bow and a little the hair but with the top sorry Lilly.

  4. Call me insane, but I think she actually pulls that off rather well.

  5. I love the top/dress, I wish I had it, I think she looks wonderful in it!

  6. she pulled it off but whats with the bambi…not cool, but she made it look good . could have picked a cute top though..especially for the awards i mean seriously …omg

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