Paula Abdul’s straight brunette hairstyle with bangs

Paula Abdul is showing off her tresses in a straight brunette hairstyle with highlights and bangs at the “Lupus LA’s Orange Ball”, held at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons, Beverly Hills, CA.

Paula Abdul’s straight brunette hairstyle with bangs

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  1. she looks great. nice tan too. you would never have known she was caught up in huge controversy when this pic was taken.

  2. I think Paula’s hairstyle looks great. Why does everyone try to find something wrong with Paula? She seems like a nice person but just like everything else, the news media will do anything to get attention, even to the point of telling untruths!

  3. Paula, gotta hand it to you gal, you look grrreat!!!

    Come on Simon, no Brit can compare to Paula! Give into your heart…’s in the stars!!!
    All America is waiting on you guys to finally connect! Would be great for ratings of American Idol too:)!

  4. PAULA ALWays looks so good i wish i knew the color of her hair and the toner for her highlights any one know if so email me at

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