Rumer Willis’s shoulder length red hairstyle

Rumer Willis's shoulder length red hairstyle

Rumer Willis wearing a shoulder length wavy hairstyle while attending the premiere for “Spread” .

Hairstyle: Shoulder length and wavy with bangs swept to the side

Color: Red, Bright Auburn, Fire Engine Red, Bold Red, Burgundy

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Shoulder length hairstyles are great as you don’t have the restrictions of shorter hair and you don’t have the high maintenance of longer hair. Shoulder length hairstyles are normally easy to style, and is a great type of cut to get if your looking for a quick hairstyle, with the option of making more of your hairstyle if you want to.

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
Depending on how you want to create the waves, you can use these 3 methods: 1# Braid hair the night before, hours before (and blow dry to help set waves). 2# Crimper or Wave Iron or #3 Flat ceramic plated iron, by twisting hair to create waves.

All 3 methods can help create wavy hair. Use a quality holding and shine spray when hairstyle is set!

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