Sharon Lawrence’s shoulder length layered hairstyle

Sharon Lawrence wearing a shoulder length layered hairstyle while at Leeza Gibbons’Night to Make A Difference Oscar Viewing Party at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills, CA.

Hairstyle: This celebrity hairstyle is one of the easiest and most versatile that they come in. Shoulder length hair with layers and lightly razored cuts. Shoulder length hairstyles are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want the commitment of long hair or the drastic change of going very short. What Sharon Lawrence has done here is added layers to a simple run of the mill shoulder length hairstyle to give some flair and texture. overall this hairstyle can be used for just about any occasion, but with the lovely layers you could also try pinning your hair up and either leaving or leaving and curling any pieces to add a more elegant flair.

Color: Sharon Lawrence’s hair color comes from the “red” family of hair colors. Similar colors to achieve are : Light Auburn, Golden Toasted Auburn, Strawberry Blonde, Dark Strawberry Blonde.

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