Sophia Bush’s shoulder length curly hairstyle

Sophia Bush wearing a sexy shoulder length hairstyle at the 35th Anniversary Celebration for LeSportsac, NYC .

Hairstyle: Shoulder length hairstyle with large soft waves.

Color and Cut: Sophia Bush’s hair is dark brunette in color with a shoulder length layered cut. Similar colors to achieve are: Dark Brown, Almost Black, Dark Chocolate brown and Dark Ash Brown.

How to achieve Sophia Bush’s sexy shoulder length hairstyle with curls and waves using hot rollers.
Start out by dividing into 3 sections, middle, left and right side and clip. Proceed at the top by placing the roller in the middle of a lock of hair, mix the sizes up to your satisfaction and to add different textures to the style. Continue to smooth ends around the roller. Then finish rolling hair up to the scalp, clip rollers in place. For softer waves add styling lotion. Continue to roll completely each section and allow rollers to cool completely before taking them out. Once hair is completely un-rolled use a styling gel, cream or mousse and rub between palms and fingers. Start lightly “scrunching” the curls and finger combing only DO NOT brush or stretch locks. Finish the look with a shine and holding spray to keep this sexy hairstyle at its finest.

Try this hairstyle for events, casual wear or out on the town with friends.

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  1. She is the only person I love that hair cut on!
    She is amaizng!

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