Amber Heard’s high chignon hairstyle!

Amber Heard's high chignon hairstyle!

Amber Heard wearing a high chignon hairstyle while attending the New York premiere of ‘The Stepfather’, held at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) Theatre in Chelsea, NYC.

Hairstyle: High chignon hairstyle

Color: Blonde, Pale Golden Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light Ash Blonde

Why we love this celebrity hairstyle:
Chignon hairstyles, especially ones fashioned higher on the head can use much shorter hair therefore be much easier to style! With some time, patience and the right tools you can learn to create a chignon hairstyle ( a variation) in a few easy steps!. I highly recommend having bobby pins that are coated to prevent snags, any barrettes or accessories you want in the hair, a hair tie, ouch-less. One way to do this is to start with damp or dry hair ( I love dry hair for a looser look, wet/damp for a more tighter sleeker style, of course you can always dampen dry hair also) You are simply going to start and end by taking strands (you can choose to twist or to try and leave straight) and bring back each peice, you can use a hair tie, then fran out the “tail” with twists and hair pins, or just go straight to twisting, and pinning the ends you want them together to look like they are forming a sort of knot.  Finish with a quality holding spray.

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