Bridget Moynahan’s chignon twist hairstyle

Bridget Moynahan is sporting a very elegant chignon twist hairstyle while attending the Cartier Love Charity Bracelet Launch in Los Angeles, California.

Bridget Moynahan’s chignon twist hairstyle

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  1. she is beautiful!!!!!!!!!love this hairstyle on her…also, like her hair down and shaggy..she is an awesome true beauty…

  2. Bridget can wear any style and look great. Naturl beauty!

  3. What is up with the different colors. Looks like a piece in the back and her hair looks extremely dry. I am not a big fan of this girl. She has no real acting chops and seems to be getting more famous for trying to trap a man with a pregnancy….not cool!

    PS she is way too skinny. nothing special here!

  4. Dear From don’t see it, the different colors are from sunny SoCal–every LA girl knows that! As for your dig re: acting and pregnancy: takes two to tango, sweetheart, and seems like your jockboy was there at conception. As for “way too skinny,” my guess is you think jockboy’s gf is perfection. Well, I think Bridget is nothing short of perfection.

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