Candice Crawford’s blonde, casual hairstyle

Tony Romo’s new fiance, Candice Crawford, was spotted wearing this casual updo in the Washington, D.C. airport after attending the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with Romo. Chace Crawford’s sister Candice Crawford is a former beauty queen who knows how to work even a simple updo with her flattering blonde color, messy loose style and long bangs emphasizing her blue eyes.

Candice Crawford showed off her lustrous blonde locks in this long and loose ‘do when she arrived at the Washington, D.C. airport before the dinner.

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  1. Candice Crawford’s looks beautiful in her casual hairstyle. Candice Crawford is really a beauty queen, a perfect match for Tony Romo.

  2. Candice Crawford she is a beauty i want her to take her for dinner

  3. she looks beautiful and very very sexy.

  4. Candice Crawford,its very casual hairstyle.

  5. Candice Crawford i love your hairstyle

  6. Candice Crawford looks very nice in her casual hairstyle.

  7. Candice Crawford,I like you are casual hairstyle

  8. I think that Candice Crawford’s stunning blonde hair looks best when she wears it long in a casual hairstyle.

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