Carla Gugino’s sleek sculpted french twist hairstyle

Carla Gugino wearing her hair in a high sculpted french twist hairstyle at the world premiere of Walt Disney Pictures’ “Race To Witch Mountain” held at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA. The movie is a fun and thrilling adventure in which Dwayne Johnson stars as a Las Vegas cab driver who teams up with two teens with supernatural powers to save the world by unraveling the secrets of Witch Mountain.

Hairstyle: High, sculpted french twist in the back, top hair is then left very loose and strands carefully pulled loose while sides remain tight and sleek looking to create a sexy sculpted hairstyle.

Color: Dark brown, dark ash brown, brown black, black.

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
This hairstyle while very sexy and chic can be a bit tricky when pairing with a event or attire as from the front it can almost be mistaken for a short hairstyle, while its actually fashioned into a french twist in the back, with the sides very tight and the top very loose and sculpted high. Pair with dresses, gowns, jeans if you must with a sexy top. This hairstyle can also make a great wedding hairstyle, or prom hairstyle. Wow people with strapless tops and gowns to help accentuate neck and shoulders.

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